Ghost Payne Guest Mix

Here it is folks the first of what will be many guest mixes from friends and peers. This one comes from a very good friend from Richmond, Virginia Ghost Payne!

EDIT: I forgot to include his facebook page so here it is.

DigitalDavy: What made you decide on the name Ghost Payne?

Ghost Payne: Well Payne is my last name of course, and although I wanted to take a stage name I’d rather it related to my real name closely. The phrase ‘ghost pains’ had come to my attention through some lyrics of a band I used to follow and when my girlfriend won me a stuffed pacman ghost at a theme park the day I was thinking of potential monikers it all just kind of clicked and that was it.

DD: Who are your biggest influences new and old?

GP: The biggest influences on the way I DJ has come from my history of following bands who utilize improv and musical peaks heavily in their shows to create rising levels of excitement throughout the audience. Sometimes I find myself basing the pace of a DJ set off of what I’d expect to find at a live band’s concert.

DD: You have been all over to see different acts who made the biggest impact on you as an artist?

GP: DJ Mehdi made quite an impression on me the few times I had the opportunity to see him DJ prior to his death last year. He always looked to be having soo much fun while DJing that you could really tell he loved what he was doing. The love of music is what drives all DJs, and Mehdi loved music.

DD: Who are you looking forward to seeing the rest of 2012 and beyond?

GP: My near future is hampered by financial woes and I’m not sure I’m able to catch any DJs who have currently announced dates in the US; however there’s a few acts I’m hoping will come by the states soon: D.I.M., Proxy, and Blawan would get me on the road to the club.

DD: What genre are you listening to the most and what do you think will replace dubstep as the edm crowd pleaser?

GP: Recently I’ve been obsessed with Claude VonStroke’s label Dirtybird and their unique brand of bass/tech-house. However, just recently there’s been some great electro releases by the likes of Brodinski and D.I.M. which has restored my faith and love of the genre. There’s no telling what dance music will strike the mainstreams interests in the future, and I’m not concerned with that. My sets are mostly aimed at turning people onto new music which I am proud to play, and not catering to what the crowd already knows and likes from the radio.

DD: If you could pick one venue to play at where would it be and with who?

GP: I would love to play the Avalon in Hollywood, CA. A large club with a great sound system and light set up. I wouldn’t share the set up with anyone though. 6 hour Ghost Payne set.

DD: Do you have any shows coming up that you want people to know about?

GP: Playing a small bar tonight in Richmond, VA - Bonvenu, but no other set dates. Tell your local promoter you want to hear Ghost Payne.